Takeaways From The Bills Loss In Jacksonville

The Buffalo Bills suffered an embarrassing loss Sunday to the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 9-6. Watching this game was excruciating as both teams got off to very slow starts and could not find any offense during the game. Buffalo’s defense was why the Bills had a chance even to win this game. The Jaguars defense had been very inconsistent until Sunday. This was only the second, but is easily the biggest win in Urban Meyer’s NFL coaching career after winning once before in London over the Miami Dolphins. Here are some of my takeaways:

The Bills had to have been unprepared: It’s the only explanation for the loss. Going into Sunday’s game you would have said a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars should be an easy win…but how wrong we were. McDermott did not have his team anywhere near ready to go in this one.

Josh Allen was atrocious against the Jaguars: Josh Allen played great in his first game against Jacksonville and had been rolling this year, as the favorite to win MVP. But not today. Usually when Josh Allen can’t get anything going through the air he can get it done with his legs, but there was none of that today either.

Josh Allen’s emotions got the best of him: What the commentators said about Josh Allen not playing well when he is upset stood out to me, and it looked that way again. Allen did not look comfortable out there at all, which impacted his performance in the wrong way.

NFL Officiating hates the Bills: So many questionable calls is just one thing that Bills fans are complaining about on Twitter. Late in the game there was an extremely questionable false start called on the Bills. To many, it looked like offsides on the Jaguars. I could go on, but should I? The refs were bad all day.

The Bills did lose this game, and it was a very frustrating game, but the good news is that this was not an AFC East loss. The bad news is that the Patriots are a half game behind Buffalo. The Bills need to take it one game at a time from here on out. The Bills head up to MetLife Stadium to take on AFC East rival the New York Jets next Sunday for a 1 pm kickoff from East Rutherford.

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