Bills’ record during each President’s tenure

In light of today’s inauguration, and to lighten the mood as we gear up for the biggest Bills game since 1994, I wanted to take a look at how the Bills have fared under each presidential administration since their formation in 1960. The records below include both regular season and post season wins and losses.

Take a look:

PresidentRecordWin %
George H. W. Bush53-21.716
Donald Trump40-28.588
Bill Clinton77-60.562
Lyndon B. Johnson40-34-3.539
John F. Kennedy18-19-2.487
Gerald Ford19-24.442
Jimmy Carter26-37.413
Ronald Raegan51-73.411
Barack Obama52-76.406
George W. Bush52-76.406
Dwight D. Eisenhower5-8-1.393
Richard Nixon21-47-2.314

As if it was fate for Buffalo, the top spot belongs to George H. W. Bush, who has a very appropriate win percentage of .716. It is very interesting that the last two presidents to only serve one-term, George H. W. Bush and Donald Trump, stand at the top of these rankings. The reason for this is the Bills’ inability to sustain success over the span of eight seasons, which is exactly what Sean McDermott has preached since arriving in Buffalo. Something else that was interesting – under President George W. Bush and President Obama, the Bills had identical records of 52-76. Making it worse for the Bills, those two men were consecutive Presidents – the their two administrations lasted essentially the entire 17-year playoff drought. While I was doing the math, I figured I would break it down by political party as well.

PartyRecordWin %

The Bills perform just about equally regardless of the party that is in office, with Democrats getting the slight edge. A new administration begins today, let’s all hope that Joe Biden’s tenure starts out with a 2-0 record to finish what has been one of the greatest Bills seasons of all time.

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