Are the Bills living up to expectations so far offensively?

The Bills are off to a 2-0 start, coming off two division wins over the AFC East rivals Jets and the Dolphins. In last week’s win over the Dolphins, Josh Allen was 24/35 for 417 yards, and four touchdowns. Devin Singletary led the Bills in rushing for 56 yards, but no touchdowns. Zack Moss also showed signs of being able to share the load as he had 48 yards, but also did not get into the endzone. Stefon Diggs played the best game of his stint in Buffalo as he led the Bills in receiving for 153 yards. John Brown was second best in receiving as he had 82 yards on the day. Finally, Cole Beasley also had a big day with 70 yards in receiving against the Dolphins.

It was also a day that showed us some of the newcomers like Reggie Gilliam, as he scored his first Bills touchdown, but that was it for him against the Dolphins. Gabriel Davis also scored a touchdown. We also saw two receptions from Isaiah McKenzie, 47 yards in receiving, and Dawson Knox had one reception for 38 yards but left the game with a concussion.

The Bills will play the Rams on Sunday for an early afternoon showdown in Buffalo. The Rams come into the game averaging 28 points per game, and the Bills are averaging 29 points per game. As of now, I would say the Bills are the favorite against Los Angeles, but this is one of those games I would not touch. What benefits Buffalo is that teams from the west coast typically don’t do well coming out to the east coast for an early game. After all, it will be 10 AM their time. Still, this is a dangerous game for the Bills where they will need to be focused and ready, but this is also a game where I could see Josh Allen struggling.

When you talk about Buffalo’s offense playing up to expectations on offense, so far, they played two teams who had losing records last year. In week one against the Jets, Josh Allen led the Bills in rushing, and Stefon Diggs led the Bills in receiving for 86 yards, but no touchdowns. I would say they are living up to the expectations quite well, but they have not played anyone too challenging yet, so I guess this week we will find out for sure.

The Rams are a good football team, they just went on the road and dominated the Eagles in week two. Head coach Sean McVay always has his team ready to play, as the Rams are a well-coached team overall. Last week Jared Goff threw for 267 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. I would guess to put the Rams in a tough spot, you need to get Jared Goff to turn the ball over. That will be on the Bills defense to generate some turnover chances, especially the secondary.

I hope for a Bills victory on Sunday, but the Rams are also 2-0, which will be a challenge. As a fan, I am really excited to see how good the Bills really are. I think this has the potential to be a really good football game in Western New York.

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