Bills Playoff Clinching Scenarios: Week 14

Raise your hand if you thought the Bills would have playoff clinching scenarios in Week 14.  While many of us thought the Bills were going to be much better than the national analysts predicted going into the year, I would have never guessed that the Bills could potentially clinch a playoff berth this “early” in the year.  A lot needs to go their way for that to happen, and none is bigger than winning their game against Baltimore.

First, here is a look at the overall AFC Wild Card picture.  The Bills have been locked into the 5 seed for what seems like eternity.   They currently have a 2 game lead with 4 to play.


The Bills will clinch a playoff berth with:

  1. Bills win vs. Baltimore AND
  2. Raiders loss or tie AND
  3. Texans loss AND
  4. Colts loss or tie

Looking at the schedules above, out of the 4 games listed above, the Bills beating the Ravens is going to be the most difficult, in my opinion.  I think the Bills will have to wait a week to officially clinch, and will be faced with a win-and-in scenario next week in primetime.

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