AFC Playoff Picture: Week 10

As we enter the second half of the year, the Bills are in prime position to earn a wild card berth for the 2nd time in 3 seasons.  They currently hold a 2 game lead with 8 games to play.  I like those odds, especially considering their schedule.  This week against the Browns is a huge chance for the Bills to put a complete stranglehold on a playoff spot.

Here are the current standings:

  1. New England 8-1
  2. Baltimore 6-2
  3. Houston 6-3
  4. Kansas City 6-3
  5. Buffalo 6-2
  6. Indianapolis 5-3

At this point, I would not be surprised if the six teams listed above are the final six at the end of the year.  The Steelers are Raiders are at both 4-4, so they are the only serious challengers for a playoff spot.

Important Week 10 games:

LA Chargers @ Oakland
The Chargers are a disappointing 4-5 and I don’t see them as a serious threat for a Wild Card spot.  Seeing that the Raiders are currently 4-4, I would root for the Chargers tonight to get both teams to 5 losses on the year, which would be 3 worse than the Bills.

Buffalo @ Cleveland
Obviously the biggest of the weekend.  Maybe it is the history of letdowns in me, but I am still not convinced that the Bills will make the playoffs.  However, if they win this weekend and advance to 7-2, I firmly believe we can start putting money aside for Wild Card Weekend.

Kansas City @ Tennessee
This one doesn’t have the biggest impications but giving the Titans their 6th loss on the year would essentially eliminate them from the Bills’ concerns.  Remember, the Bills have the tiebreaker on the Titans so a loss would put to rest any concern about them passing the Bills.

Miami @ Indianapolis
The Colts are currently the 6 seed in the AFC, so I would root for the Dolphins here to help separate the Bills from the current 6 seed spot.

LA Rams @ Pittsburgh
The Bills will play the Steelers later in the year, so in order to make sure that that game doesn’t mean anything to Pittsburgh, root for the Rams in this one.  Plus, the Steelers are one of of the two teams that are 2 back of the Bills at the moment.

That’s it!  As we go on, there will be fewer games to watch as long as the Bills continue to win and inch this thing closer to the playoffs.  This week is a HUGE one.  Go Bills!  Follow us at @BuffAuthority

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