Sunday AM Hits: Week 8 Playoff Picture

The Bills currently have a 1.5-game lead for the 5 seed in the AFC and a 2 game lead for the 6 seed.  The Bills also have the second best record in the AFC.  They are building themselves quite the cushion as they open up a tougher stretch of the season.  Things already look good for postseason football, but a win today would solidify that, especially considering another key AFC matchup being played today.

Here are the standings:

  1. New England 7-0
  2. Kansas City 5-2
  3. Baltimore 5-2
  4. Indianapolis 4-2
  5. Buffalo 5-1
  6. Houston 4-3
  7. Oakland 3-3

Important Week 8 games:

Philadelphia @ Buffalo
Of course, the Bills have to take care of business at home.  Despite their 3-4 record, the Eagles are the second best team the Bills have faced this year.  The Bills cannot afford another slow start and rely on 4th quarter heroics yet again.  This will be a tough task today.  If we see the Bills team that showed up in the New England game, the Bills will come out on top in this one.

Denver @ Indianapolis
Root for Denver here.  The surprising Colts will be in the Wild Card discussion at the top of the crowded AFC South.

Cleveland @ New England
I give Cleveland little to no shot to win this game, but hey…it’s worth a shot.  The Bills will be chasing the Pats until they lose a few times.  I’m not sure they will ever catch them.

New York @ Jacksonville
Root for the Jets here.  The Jags aren’t a serious threat to the 6 seed right now, but could be down the road.

Oakland @ Houston
Easily the biggest game on the calendar today, outside of the Bills game.  Let’s take a look at both scenarios, assuming the Bills win.

5) Buffalo 6-1
6) Houston 5-3

7) Oakland 3-4


5) Buffalo 6-1
6) Oakland 4-3

7) Houston 4-4

Even if the Bills lose today, the same results would give them a .5 game lead or a 1 game lead for the 5th seed.  The numbers above say to root for Oakland, that will preserve the largest lead possible for the Bills after this week.  The best case scenario would be tie, since the Bills would gain .5 a game over both, assuming they won.

Those are the most important for this week!  Go Bills!

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