Sunday AM Hits: Week 7 Playoff Picture

Before things get rolling on this beautiful Sunday morning and with the playoffs firmly in our minds, let’s get a quick refresher on your rooting interests for Week 7.

  1. New England 6-0
  2. Kansas City 5-2*
  3. Houston 4-2
  4. Baltimore 4-2
  5. Buffalo 4-1
  6. Oakland 3-2

*Played Thursday night.

The Bills have the 2nd best record in the AFC and are in 5th place.  Get used to that.  I would not be surprised if the Bills are traveling for a playoff matchup in January to a team that has a worst record than them after 16 games.

Miami @ Buffalo
The biggest point spread since 1992 indicates that a loss for the Bills here would be catastrophic.  A win and they are right on track for the 5 seed.

Oakland @ Green Bay
A mini-resurgence by the Raiders has them currently in the playoff picture.  I trust that a visit to Green Bay will slow that down, and put them two games behind the Bills.

Houston @ Indianapolis
You could make a case either way, but a stronger case is for Houston to win this division and the Colts (currently 7th) to fall two games behind the Bills.

Baltimore @ Seattle
The AFC North has a tendency to get messy.  Although I think the Ravens end up winning a very weak division, I still think rooting for Seattle here is the best thing to do.  You never know where things will stand in two months.

New England @ NY Jets
This one is obvious.  If the Bills are going to have any hope of winning the division, the Patriots are going to need to start slipping up.  Why not start this week against Sam Darnold and the Jets?

There’s a quick guide to today’s games, but of course none is more important than the Bills squishing the Fish today.  Go Bills!

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