AFC Playoff Picture: Week 6

As the Bills rest up, they can sit back and enjoy the view from the top Wild Card spot in the AFC.  After picking up a huge win in Nashville, the Bills can watch the rest of the conference (hopefully) rack up the losses this week.

  1. New England 6-0*
  2. Kansas City 4-1
  3. Houston 3-2
  4. Baltimore 3-2
  5. Buffalo 4-1
  6. Oakland 3-2

*Played Thursday night.

Here are the important games and rooting interests:

Seattle @ Cleveland
The off-season champion Browns are staring 2-4 right in the face.  I would think Seattle takes care of business in this one and helps the Bills out.

Houston @ Kansas City
If you believe that the Chiefs will win the AFC West and the Texans will win the AFC South then this game doesn’t matter that much.  The Texans and Chiefs can rack up all the losses they want but both will still be seeded higher than the Bills by virtue of wining their division.  If I had to pick, I would root for the Chiefs though.

Saints @ Jaguars
The Jags are just one game behind the Texans in the AFC South, so it wouldn’t hurt for them to collect another loss.  Go Saints!

Cincinnati @ Baltimore
Sort of the same situation as HOU/KC.  The Ravens are most likely winning the division so a loss here wouldn’t mean much.  I think the Bills will play the Ravens or Texans in the playoffs, whoever is the #4 seed.  So- based on who you would rather play you can root accordingly.

Tennessee @ Denver
The Titans will have to beat the Bills outright due to the loss last week.  I would root for the Broncos to make that as unlikely as possible.

Pittsburgh @ San Diego
The Chargers are a surprising 2-3.  I think their best bet will be Wild Card with KC most likely running away with the division.  Root for the banged-up Steelers in this one.

Enjoy the stress-free bye week, Bills fans!

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