Bye Week Good To The Bills

Due to a flurry of upsets around the league, the Bills got help in terms of their draft position (and their wild card chances too, for those still thinking that!)

First, the draft pick.  With the help of our friends over at, you can see that the Bills currently sit at 6th overall.  



Thanks to wins by the Giants and Raiders, the Bills are nice a position to keep moving up the draft order if they cannot sustain the magic they had against the Jets two weeks ago.  They are in a weird spot right now, only 1 game out of the 1st overall pick and 2 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot, tiebreakers aside.  Speaking of the 2nd Wild Card spot…

6) Baltimore 5-5

7) Cincinnati 5-5
8) Miami 5-5
9) Indianapolis 5-5
10) Tennessee 5-5
11) Denver 4-6
12) Cleveland 3-6-1
13) Jacksonville 3-7
14) Buffalo 3-7

Technically, the Bills got help yesterday in terms of the Wild Card, too.  But they are going to need more than “help” if they are going to make it two years in a row.  But in my opinion, there is no way.  None.  

We’ll see what happens with the Bills coming out of their bye.  They either lose to the Jags and inch closer to the top of the draft or they win and inch closer to a miracle Wild Card run.  The exact definition of a win-win!


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