AFC Playoff Picture: Week 8

Well…it’s do or die time for the Buffalo Bills and their playoff chances.  Realistically, they are pretty much finished already if you consider that they are on pace to have one of (if not the) worst offenses that the NFL has ever seen.  The Bills are looking at 2-6, but this is sports and I suppose you never know what could happen.  They still need to line up and play, so we might as well go through the scenarios for this week too!

First, a look at the standings:

5) Los Angeles 5-2
6) Cincinnati 4-3

7) Baltimore 4-3
8) Miami 4-3
9) NY Jets 3-4
10) Tennessee 3-4
11) Jacksonville 3-4
12) Denver 3-4
13) Cleveland 2-4-1
14) Indianapolis 2-5
15) Buffalo 2-5

Important Week 8 games:

Miami @ Houston
A big game tonight with AFC playoff implications.  For the Bills sake, I would root for the Dolphins in this one.  The Bills still control their own destiny against the Fins, where as they do not have the tie-breaker against the Texans.

Philadelphia @ Jacksonville
With virtually every AFC team in front of the Bills, it is time to root against nearly every AFC team, so root for the Eagles in this one.

NY Jets @ Chicago
Same situation as above.  Root for the Bears here, the Bills next opponent.

Tampa Bay @ Cincinnati
The AFC North is going to be a tough division to sort out come December, but root for the Bucs in this one.

Denver @ Kansas City
As much as it hurts to see Patrick Mahomes light it up and think of what could have been every week, it would be best to have the Broncos lose this game.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
This one is tough.  Considering the Ravens have the tie-breaker against the Bills, I think it is best to let them run away with the AFC North and let all the other teams beat up on eachother the rest of the way and collect losses.  For that reason, I would say root for the Browns here to beat Pittsburgh to help clutter up the rest of that division.

Baltimore @ Carolina
Like I mentioned, let the Ravens run away with the division so the tie-breaker can’t hurt the Bills.  Root for the Ravens in this one.

Indianapolis @ Oakland
Game of the week! (kidding).  Given the head-to-head loss against the Colts, root for the Raiders in this one.

New England @ Buffalo
If not for the slimmest of playoff odds, do it because the Patriots play fast and loose with everything they do, do it because Tom Brady made a video calling out Bills Mafia last week, do it because Thurman is getting his number retired, so it because it’s the first home MNF game in a decade.  ROOT FOR THIS TEAM WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT.  GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!

Let’s see how it all play’s out this week!  Go Bills!  Beat the Cheatriots!


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