Like a Bad Cold: Worse Before It Gets Better

You know that nasty cold that you can feel coming?  You just know it is going to wipe you out for a few days before you see the other side of it.  For me, it always starts with the ears and throat.  I can feel it brewing in there for a few days before my entire head feels like it was blasted by Jerry Hughes.  Then it sticks around for a few days as no over-the-counter medicine seems to work.  There’s really nothing you can do except for wait it out and let it pass.  Seems a lot like the approach we have to take with the 2018 Buffalo Bills season, doesn’t it?  The over-the-counter quick fix quarterback solution probably will not work, if yesterday’s game was any indication.  It seems that we are in this one for the long-haul.   Let’s wait this one out together.  Let’s stick together.

The Bills are staring 2-7 right in the face with a Monday Night melee against the Patriots looming and then a showdown with Khalil Mack and the Bears right after that.  With no potential Josh Allen highlights to brighten up these next few weeks, and LeSean McCoy currently in the concussion protocol, the next two games could be tough to watch for Bills fans.

Derek Anderson signed on with the Bills to be a mentor for Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman, not to be thrust into playing position just 12 days after being on vacation with his family.  The offense as a whole continues to be severely handicapped.  Even when Josh Allen comes back from injury, there is no reason to believe that this year he will lead the team to offensive success.  Remember in the games leading up to his injury, he was not playing well and the offense was having trouble moving the ball and scoring points.

All of this leads to my main point: this could get worse for the Bills before it gets better.  So, prepare yourself.  Don’t jump ship, I certainly won’t.  Bills management did not expect the offense to be this bad this year, mainly because they didn’t expect the quarterback situation to be as bad as it has been.  Beane and McDermott did not think the “real” Peterman was the guy that showed up in Los Angeles last year.  They thought that was an anomaly; something he would grow and learn from.  But sadly, that day in Los Angeles last year seems to be exactly who Peterman is.

So….just like the bad cold, we are stuck with this for awhile.  At least for 11 more games.  There is no big trade that can be made, no big quarterback that the Bills can sign to stop the bleeding.  The 2018 season is probably going to continue to spin out of control over the next few weeks, and on the surface it is going to get worse before it gets better around here.  Outside of yesterday, the defense has been playing phenomenal.  If the Bills can have a productive off-season for the offense this year and field a competent offense next year, then we might have something special next year.  And, I know we are sick of the “next year” stuff.  But last year was our year, remember?  We made it!  I recall that amazing New Years Eve night often.  Let’s all hope Josh Allen comes back from this injury and is the answer that we are looking for at quarterback.  Let’s hope that he is the medicine for this nagging cold that we have.  When we are on the other side of this cold, we will wake up feeling better than ever!

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