Buffalo @ Indianapolis: Matchup of the Week

Hey team! We’re into week 7. Still recovering from the Buffalo Bills ripping my heart out and stomping on it while not breaking eye contact from last week. Too morbid? Sure. Going into this three week stretch of AFC south opponents I said “If Bills can take 2 of 3, I’ll be happy.” COME ON though! That game was in our hands. Hard with Nathan Peterman back there. Don’t worry though, he can’t harm us anymore because we have a new quarterback in town. A spry, talented and young quarterback in…. 35 year old Derek Anderson?! You kiddin me? Oh well, better than Peterman, right? Right. Buffalo’s playoff hopes are dwindling. They currently have one conference win against the Titans….. and that’s it. What two teams have the wild card spot going into week 7? Why, it’s the two teams who beat them in week one and two, The Ravens and The Chargers! Those games are behind us though. Can only focus on the future now. If you’re a fan of the Bills and want to continue to watch relevant football rather than tanking, they have to just start winning and not worry about other teams in the wild card. Maybe they can run the table against the AFC East? Haha, sorry, sometimes I say foolish things through my Bills colored glasses. Let’s just get into the Matchup of the Week, shall we?

Andrew Luck vs. Buffalo’s Defense

The matchup every week should be Buffalo’s defense vs who ever. They got off to a rocky start but have really found their stride midway through the season. Last year I feel that Buffalo’s defense overachieved and I feel the same way this year. Credit goes to coaching on that one. Though they struggled early, they found a way to make this defense work and it’s been the backbone to Buffalo’s entire team. Indianapolis really only has one player to worry about on that offense and that is obviously Andrew Luck. He already has 16 touchdowns through 6 games. That’s over 2 a game and equates to being on pace for 42 on the season. Even with those stats, Colts offense currently ranks seventeenth in the league. Combatting that with Buffalo’s D being third in the league, TY Hilton banged up, playing against a very talented Tre’Davious White and Colts run game being non-existent, I REALLY like Buffalo’s chances this week to hold their opposition to 17 or fewer points. Granted, Buffalo’s offense hasn’t passed 17 points on FOUR of six games, so, the defense holding their opponents to 17 or fewer, doesn’t mean Buffalo will win on Sunday.. BUT, it will keep them in the game. Keep those sacks coming too! Seven last week was quite nice. With two turnovers last week as well, it’s something to build on. Continue to be aggressive, and, I know it’s asking a lot, but maybe a defensive touchdown? This offense needs all the help they can get!

What do you guys think? Are Bills all but dead in this playoff race? Should they just start tanking? I’m always under the mindset that I want the Bills to be relevant for as long as they can be. It’s a long off season and if I stop caring about Buffalo Bills football in week seven, it makes for an even longer one. I’m no front office guy or general manager. I’m a fan who always Billieves they can pull it off without a rebuilding year. Probably foolish, but I am who I am. Circle those wagons fellas!

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