AFC Playoff Picture: Week 7

An ugly loss last week did not allow the Bills to gain any ground in the messy AFC playoff picture.  If the Bills have any desire to repeat their Wild Card miracle from last year, this week is a must win for them.  Let’s hope Derek Anderson has some tricks up his sleeves to use against the Colts.  Here is a look at where things stand in the AFC at the moment.

5) Los Angeles 4-2
6) Baltimore 4-2

7) Miami 4-2
8) Pittsburgh 3-2-1
9) Houston 3-3
10) Jacksonville 3-3
11) New York 3-3
12) Cleveland 2-3-1
13) Buffalo 2-4

Important Week 7 games:

Buffalo @ Indianapolis
Realistically, the Bills are three (3!!) games behind LA and Baltimore for those Wild Card berths if you consider that they would need to pass them outright based on record thanks to the Week 1 and 2 performances and losing the head-to-head tiebreaker.  For that reason, this week is an absolute must win, the Bills need a conference win badly.

Tennessee @ LA Chargers
Root for the Titans here, as the Bills already hold the tiebreaker against them and have to chase down the Chargers eventually.

New England @ Chicago
There is never a bad time to root against the Patriots, especially the a Monday Night Football matchup against them looming.  Go Bears!

Detroit @ Miami
Miami has been a surprise so far this year, and it is time for them to start collecting a few losses.  Root for the Lions here.

Minnesota @ NY Jets
It wouldn’t be the end of the world if the Jets won since the Bills still have the play them twice, but it would be better if the Vikings did win this game to get the Jets to 4 losses, tying the Bills in that category.

Cleveland @ Tampa Bay
The Browns are in the jumbled mess in the lower-tier of the AFC, and the Bills would benefit from a Bucs win here, finally being able to pass Cleveland in the standings.

Houston @ Jacksonville
Thanks to last weeks fiasco, I would say we should root for Jacksonville.  The Bills will still get their shot at the Jags later on in the year, but until they do, we should root to keep the Texans racking up the losses since they now hold the tie-breaker with the Bills.

New Orleans @ Baltimore
Obvious pick here, root for the Saints against an AFC team currently in a playoff spot.

There you have it, if the Bills lose this week and fall to 2-5 with the Patriots looming they are pretty much toast.  But until they are eliminated, I will continue to outline their path to consecutive playoff berths! (It’s still really cool to say that!!)


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