AFC Playoff Picture: Week 6

After a much needed win to get back into playoff consideration last week, the Bills have another great opportunity this week to get into the top 6.  Let’s take a look at where things stand in the AFC and the rooting interests for the Bills today!

5) Los Angeles 3-2
6) Miami 3-2

7) Baltimore 3-2
8) Jacksonville 3-2
9) Cleveland 2-2-1
10) Pittsburgh 2-2-1
11) Buffalo 2-3

Important Week 6 Games:

Buffalo @ Houston
Getting back to .500 after those ugly first two games would be quite the achievement for the Bills and Josh Allen.  Let’s see if they can do it on the road.  Especially with another winnable game coming up next week, winning this game today brings the playoffs into consideration again, which none of us would have thought possible just a few weeks ago.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
The Steelers are in that jumbled mess with the Bills, so it is best for them to continue to stock pile the losses and let the Bengals run away with the AFC North.  Root for Cincy in this one.

LA Chargers @ Cleveland
This one is a toss up, as you could make the case for both.  Since the Chargers already have the tie-breaker against the Bills, I think we should root for the Browns in this one.  The Chiefs are well on their way to winning the AFC West, so the Chargers will be fighting for one of the Wild Card spots.  I think the Browns will collect some losses later in the year.

Chicago @ Miami
A Bears win would help the Bills here, sending the division rival back to .500 after umping out to a surprising 3-0 start.

Baltimore @ Tennessee
Root for the Titans here to sink the Ravens to 3-3, hopefully leveling their record with the Bills.  Given the Week 1 disaster, the Bills will have the pass the Ravens outright when it comes time for that.  The Bills already have the tiebreaker against the Titans, so getting them to 4-2 for the time being isn’t that big of a deal.

Kansas City @ New England
How obvious is this one?  A chance to have the same record as the Patriots after 6 weeks?  Sign me up.  Chiefs in this one.

Let’s hope things play out like this today and the Bills continue to inch closer to a playoff spot.  Give us a follow on Twitter, @BuffAuthority.


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