Buffalo @ Houston: Keys to the Game

Hello and welcome back to another week of Buffalo Bills football! First and foremost, my deepest apologies for not getting an article out to you last week..I had a busy week prepping for my travels to Buffalo to watch the game. That’s right, you can all thank me for the good luck I brought with me to Buffalo to help the Bills get the win! Not to mention my sore hand from slapping the back of some girls seat repeatedly play after play.. I don’t think she liked it too much but ya gotta bring the noise for your team on their dirt! We have another AFC South opponent this week when Buffalo travels down to Houston to take on the 2-3 Texans. The Texans have now won two in a row and look to make it three against a not so consistent Buffalo Bills team. The Texans aren’t what they were last year with Deshaun Watson under center and I believe the Bills stand a shot if their defense can carry them yet again. Buffalo is in prime position to be first in the AFC East with a win in Houston. Granted, it would be a tie for first but look who the two teams in first are playing this week; The Dolphins will be missing three of their starting five O-Lineman and take on the Bears coming off of a bye. The Patriots take on an undefeated Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs squad. Of those three matchups, who has the best chance of coming out with a win? Alright, I’ll agree, it’s the Patriots! It’s ALWAYS the Patriots. Regardless, Bills still stand a chance and no one would be surprised if Chiefs went into Foxboro and stole a win. I’m sure no one saw a chance for Buffalo to be in first place six weeks into the season but here we are. They have to win first though. How is that possible? So happy you asked! Let’s turn some keys and open some doors to victory! It’s time for the “Keys to the Game!”

Get the Passing Game Going

Josh Allen threw for 82 yards last week, going 10 for 19. He’s a rookie quarterback with a spotty line and the worst receivers I’ve ever came across on a Buffalo Bills team. I would say that the Bills need to rely on the running game but it’s clear that this is no longer the answer in this league. With pass interference penalties and weird tackling with your weight penalties and horse collars and don’t hit low, don’t hit high penalties this is a PASSING league. If a team isn’t throwing the ball 40 times a game, then they’re not trying to win. Referees these days gift wrap drives for the offense. I don’t care how bad your receivers are throw the ball deep and either a) a rusher will put weight on a QB or b) a defensive back will be called for defensive pass interference. Will this increase the likelihood of a turnover? Sure, but this league is catered to the offense and the Bills aren’t doing their due diligence by passing 19 times a game. You could say, well if they establish the run the deep ball will open. I disagree, this league is now if you establish the pass, the RUN will open. Buffalo through 5 games have 497 rushing yards. That’s less than 100 a game. What makes those numbers even worse? 135 of those yards come from our quarterback!! So, if you assume the majority of those runs by Josh Allen were designed passes and he made plays with his feet, why not keep throwing the ball? You’re almost surely going to see more penalties in Buffalo’s favor and you’re going to open up more plays for a big mobile QB to make plays on the ground. Let’s see what this guy has and in the process, move the ball down field. Better than a run, run, pass, punt three and out right??

Defense: Be Aggressive B-E Aggressive

Okay, so I’m asking both the offense, with more pass attempts, and the defense to be aggressive this week! Bills D have carried them through both their wins this year. Even in their loss to Green Bay they did well. What concerns me the most is their big plays just aren’t happening. Sure, aside from a couple games, they’ve held opponents to 22 points or less, but where are the big plays? Through five games they only have 3 interceptions and 12 sacks. How’s that compare to their opponents? 7 interceptions and 22 sacks. Defenses are owning the Bills in the “big play” stats department. Many times you’ll hear “you win the turnover battle, you win the game.” Buffalo is going into Houston facing a Texans team with the same record and in the same situation of being one game out of first place in their respected division. Buffalo needs to attack early and take the crowd out of the equation. I need to see some DBs jump routes and make plays. The pass rushers need to cause a disturbance for young Deshaun Watson who is still rusty after his season ending injury last year. Could this lead to more blown coverages? Much like more turnovers to more passes, yes, this could totally backfire. Even though Buffalo has two wins and is only a game out of first place, this team isn’t good enough to just play fundamental football. They need to take chances and try and jump to an early lead. After that happens, sure, ease up on the gas a bit, but until then, I feel both sides of the ball should attack against this Texans team.

Can this Buffalo team win two in a row? I said when I looked at the schedule, this is their easiest stretch. Titans last week, Texans this week, Colts next week. Sure AFC East is historically a soft division if you look back on the past 20 years or so, but you can make an argument that recently the AFC South is even softer. Are Bills a playoff team? Certainly not but I’m not too sure they were last year on paper either. They will continue to grow and become better under this regime. If they want any shot at the playoffs, these next two games are important. Time to circle some Texas sized wagons. Houston, you may have a problem.

One thought on “Buffalo @ Houston: Keys to the Game

  1. I agree we have to pass the ball to have a chance. And not Tyrod passes either. Throw down field and the rules of the game will take us to victory.


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