AFC Playoff Picture: Week 5

With the season at the quarter mark, the Buffalo Bills have a ton of work to do if they want to extend their playoff streak to two seasons.  They have an opportunity to turn their season around over the next month, but it will take an effort much like the one that we saw in Minnesota, rather than than every other time we saw them take the field this year.  Even though it seems continuing the playoff streak is a long shot, let’s take a look at the rooting interests for this week!

Here’s a look at where things stand currently in the AFC:

5) Baltimore 3-1
6) Jacksonville 3-1

7) New England 2-2
8) Denver 2-2
9) Los Angeles 2-2
10) Cleveland 1-2-1
11) Pittsburgh 1-2-1
12) Oakland 1-3
13) Houston 1-3
14) Buffalo 1-3 

When was the last time you saw Cleveland ahead of Buffalo after 4 games?  How about New England on the outside looking in?  It’s certainly been awhile.  Like I mentioned, there is room to move up the pecking order in the AFC but it will start with a win this weekend at home against the Titans.

Important Week 5 games:

Indianapolis @ New England
Let’s keep racking up those divisional losses for New England.  I doubt it will happen, but root for the Colts in this one.  Buffalo will get their chance to hand them a loss next week when they play them, so even if they do win it will not matter much for a potential wild-card situation.

Tennessee @ Buffalo
As mentioned, Buffalo needs to get the ball rolling to prevent this season from going off the rails.  Already 0-2 in the AFC, they need this one…bad.

Miami @ Cincinnati
I would pull for the Bengals here (will always have a soft spot for the Bengals after last year) to knock the division opponent down a notch.  Let Cincy run away with the AFC North and let the Dolphins collect losses.

Baltimore @ Cleveland
With the Ravens already holding the tiebreaker against the Bills, it would be best for them to start losing, so root for Baker and the Browns here.

Denver @ NY Jets
You could make a case either way, it doesn’t appear that either team is a serious threat to the Bills this year, but with the Bills clearly being able to control their own destiny twice against the Jets this year I would root for the Jets in this one, so the Broncos could be handed their third loss.

Atlanta @ Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh is in that jumbled mess at the bottom of the AFC, so root for the Falcons here.

Oakland @ LA Chargers
Another tough call, but with the Chargers holding the head-to-head tiebreak against the Bills, we should be rooting for the Raiders in this one to drop the Chargers to three losses.

Dallas @ Houston
Root for Dallas here in the battle of Texas, hopefully sending the Texans to 4 losses.

Let’s see how things play out this week.  Chat next week!  Follow us on Twitter for all the latest @BuffAuthority.  Go Bills!

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