Buffalo @ Green Bay: Keys to the Game

Buffalo’s happenin’ now! We’re on the move now! Are you kidding me you guys?? Who saw last Sunday coming?! Bills are going to the Super Bowl! You heard it here first!! …Okay, a bit of an exaggeration there but come on! What a game! Josh Allen flying all over the field looking like Superman! Bills just went into Minnesota and not only beat a Super Bowl contender but blew them out of the water! There was not a moment in the second half where I thought the Bills were in peril. I may get some flak for this but I didn’t even watch the end of the game. Switched over to NFL Redzone as I knew it was well in hand. To be honest, I did that for Week One and Two as well but it was because Buffalo was getting demolished. Nice to be on the other side of the coin. Buffalo is happenin’ now, we’re on the move now! Movin’ on to Green Bay, Wisconsin! Let’s check the point spread. Ouch, still 9.5 point underdogs. Oh well, we were 16.5 point dogs last week. Spreads don’t worry us anymore, right? Aaron Rodgers isn’t that good right? He can still lose a home game right? Oh, he hasn’t lost a home game since week one of the 2012 season? Perfect. They’re due for a home loss. Let’s check out the keys to a Buffalo Bills victory this week.

Aaron Rodgers’ Knee

Probably not as big of a story as Buffalo fans would like it to be. Rodgers has been dealing with knee injuries since Week One against the Bears and was again held out of practice Wednesday. It is assumed he will be held out all week until Saturday walkthroughs much like he was last week. This guy is an all-pro and arguably the best quarterback right now in the NFL. Does he necessarily need practice? No.  However, this early in the season for him to be so stop and go, it could bode well for Buffalo not allowing Rodgers to get into any sort of rhythm. Early on in a season, quarterbacks and receivers are working on communication and timing issues. With Aaron not being able to practice regularly these issues are harder to iron out. This is especially important for guys like pro bowl tight end, Jimmy Graham who hasn’t had the pleasure to play with Rodgers for an extended amount of time. Even regulars like Devonte Adams or Geronimo Allison, timing can be off if they are getting reps in practice from a guy like Deshone Kizer rather than Aaron Rodgers. This may not be a huge story as it’s Aaron Freakin’ Rodgers but it’s still worth noting. Any sort of dent in this armor is a welcome sign for Bills fans.

Under Pressure

As much as I loved Josh Allen’s play last week, his success was made possible by the Buffalo defense and finally getting pressure on the quarterback. Two early strip sacks and Buffalo had great field position to capitalize and build an early lead. It is much easier being a young QB in this league when you have a comfortable lead like Allen did so early. Buffalo’s pass rush has been almost nonexistent for what feels like years now. Last week was a welcome sign and something to build off of for this week. Was it poor oline play by Minnesota? Perhaps but it was also great awareness by guys like Matt Milano and Jerry Hughes. Lets see if Buffalo can continue to hit the quarterback, whether that be with a sack or a nice clean hit right after Rodgers throws the ball. Letting him know you’re there is key. I think I heard somewhere that Rodgers is battling a knee injury. Wouldn’t it be something if Buffalo reminded him of his ailment early and often?? If Buffalo can disrupt A-A-Ron’s flow it will give them a shot for back to back road upsets.

That’s it for me this week. I don’t know about you guys but I could surely use another uplifting Sunday. The week just goes by more smoothly after a Buffalo win, ya know? After two weeks of getting absolutely destroyed, it was nice to keep the season alive with a win! Buffalo has a lot of glaring holes on their team and I’m sure many fans would like them to tank. I know that may be the right call but I just can’t help but root for these guys. If they can pull off an upset this week, or hell, just make it a competitive game, I’m all-in on trying to make a move for a top receiver. Kind of like last year with KB except, ya know, this guy would actually be able to catch the ball! Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be back each week to give you my thoughts and analysis. Time to circle some more wagons!

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