Buffalo @ Baltimore: Keys to the Game

Do you smell that? No, it’s not the pumpkin spiced latte filling your nostrils from your co-worker over the cubicle (as delightful as that smells). No, it’s not that crisp autumn air filling in your living room as you enjoy your last few weeks of opened windows in your lovely home. (It’s actually been quite the scorcher out there!). Let’s just cut to the chase here. It’s the smell of football, more importantly, Buffalo Bills Football…and yes, Buffalo Authority Faithful, it’s back! It is my pleasure to be back here with my Buffalo Authority Family to deliver you the goods on what to expect as the season progresses. Let’s talk about keys to the game this week and what it will take to start the season undefeated shall we? Buckle up friends, it’s the start to another season and as always we’re all filled with mix of optimism and fear.

Offensive Key: O-line? More like Woe-line

Pardon my pun, I’m still in preseason form. I’ll do better. Anyway, you always want a strong, sound offensive line on your team. They are the backbone of your offense and without a good o-line, it’s really hard to get anything going. Unfortunately for the Buffalo Bills, their line is questionable at best. After losing their three top guys this offseason (Incognito, Glenn and Wood) for various reasons, Buffalo will look towards the ‘next man up’ mentality and make due with who they have. Buffalo let up 16 sacks this preseason, that’s averaging 4 a game. If you need a comparison let’s look at Buffalo’s opponents. Just four sacks in total through four games. Buffalo needs better protection and this unit will have to grow together during the regular season. Can they do it? It remains to be seen, however, I do have a silver lining for you: Of the 16 sacks Buffalo let up, only two were while Peterman was in the backfield. He’s looked great during the preseason, quick decision making and even quicker release. If Bills have a shot against this Ravens D, it will be because Peterman gets rid of the ball before he feels the pressure.

Defensive Key: Bend but don’t Break

Cliché? Sure, but is it truthful? You betcha.. It is one of my favorite clichés in football. “Bend but don’t break.” It makes a lot of sense. As a defense you’re allowed to give up yards, points even as long as you’re not letting a team drive down the field each time and get into that coveted end zone. Under the right circumstances, giving up 3 to an offense is fine as long as it isn’t happening each drive. With Ravens acquiring red zone beast Michael Crabtree, this is something they need to make sure they do; Bend, don’t break. Of Buffalo’s 17 games last year (I’m including their playoff game against Jacksonville) 11 times they held their opponents to 20 or fewer points. I am no expert on what a coach wants from their defense but I’d say 20 or fewer points is exactly what you should be looking for on that side of the ball, especially given how biased the league’s rules are towards the offensive side of things. If Bills can pick up where they left off last year, their defense should be just fine.

What do you think Buffalo Authority Faithful? Are Bills going to start the season off on the right foot? Can Peterman silence his doubters after his infamous five interception half? I myself am not sure how the season will unfold but I think a week one victory is very plausible. Comment below or chirp at me on twitter, @bblehar, let me know what you think. Thanks, lets circle some wagons this year!

4 thoughts on “Buffalo @ Baltimore: Keys to the Game

    • I think they can steal one for sure. Baltimore may be the better team at the end of the year but could take some time to gel. Good opportunity for the Bill’s, thanks for reading!


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