Inside the McCoy ‘domestic assault’ investigation; potential short-term replacements

As the McCoy saga continues, the threat of losing the star-running back is concerning, and the Bills running back depth chart is lacking depth. The investigation into McCoy’s alleged domestic assault case against his longtime girlfriend, son, and others is still young and the gathering of information is still ongoing.

New reports came out from NBC Sports stating that Tanya Mitchell Graham, the lawyer for Delicia Cordon, told a radio station in Philadelphia recently that neither she nor her client has “said directly” that LeSean McCoy was involved in the home invasion which caused Cordon to be rushed to the hospital.

A reminder to people who are not updated with the investigation, on April 11, 2018, police were again dispatched to McCoy’s residence when Cordon called 911. She claimed McCoy was moving furniture out of the house that she wanted to keep. The argument “sounded heated” over the phone, but when the police arrived, both McCoy and Cordon said the disagreement had not turned physical and they had worked everything out.

McCoy advised the officers on scene that Cordon does love at the home and she has lived there the past 6 months. McCoy was then advised that he can’t kick her out of the home tonight and that there was an eviction process.

Now with this process going on, the Bills organization has to prepare for the worse. If McCoy is punished by the NFL, 8-year veteran Chris Ivory would be put in the starting slot. Spending last season in Jacksonville, Ivory has a total of 382-yards and only one touchdown. Some say Ivory is the ‘worst’ option for the Bills.

There has been reports that free agent Branden Oliver, a graduate at University of Buffalo, has been eyed for a workout for the team. He spent last season playing for the Chargers. He etched 83-yards on 35 carries and played 8-games. At 26, he could be a good a good candidate for the Bills.

The Bills are in deep need of depth on their running back squad even if McCoy is around. Other guys on the market are Shane Vereen (formally with the Giants), Adrian Peterson (formally with the Cardinals), Jamaal Charles (formally with the Broncos), and Alfred Morris (formally with the Redskins).


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