Just Another Step in The Process

Back on November 15th when Sean McDermott decided to bench Tyrod Taylor with the team sitting in playoff position, I proudly exclaimed that these were anything but the “Same Old Bills.”

And boy was I right.

The day of the benching Sean McDermott delivered one of the best lines that you could hear from a coach.  He said, “We are made for more than 5-4 and I’ve come here to be more than 5-4.”  This was music to the hears of many fans who do not aspire for 9-7 and 10-6 Wild Card playoff berths.  That is not the goal around here anymore.  And that is what lead to the move that we all saw coming today, the Bills moving on from Tyrod Taylor.  Honestly, Tyrod regressed over his three years in Buffalo.  He played for three offensive coordinators in those three years and there was no way that McDermott was going to make that four for four.


The return is fantastic for a player that the Bills were never bringing back next year, even if they did pick up his 6 million dollar option due next week.  Tyrod Taylor will always be the quarterback that ended the drought, and for that I do thank him for his services.  I hoped that the Bills’ brass would share a similar mindset that much of the fan base has, that while a playoff berth at 9-7 was great for us this year, it cannot be the norm and the team must strive for better.

If you are a die-hard Tyrod fan and you are confused tonight as to why a team just traded away their starting QB, I promise you to #TrustTheProcess now more than ever because the best is yet to come.  Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott get it.  Same Old Bills?  Who are they??  It already feels like an eternity ago.

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