Eric Wood Suffers Career-Ending Injury

UPDATE: Adam Schefter has confirmed all reports.  It is Wood.


Per reports, Bills center and captain Eric Wood has sustained a career-ending neck injury.

This situation/speculation started on Thursday night when Scout Fantasy Sports tweeted the following:

SOURCE: We’re hearing rumblings of major player news coming early next week. More to come.

Since then local media close to the Bills have confirmed that an offensive starter sustained a serious, and possible career-ending, injury.  This sent Bills fans and reporters everywhere looking for clues at who it could be.

The same account that tweeted out the news, which we now know was accurate, on Thursday night tweeted the following around 10:40 Friday morning.

Our sources that have led us here have informed us it’s a career ending neck injury and the player is former Louisville Cardinal and current center Eric Wood. Our heart goes out to him, his family and former and current teammates.

If this is true, which we believe it to be, there are no words to express what this loss means.  Eric Wood is one of the best teammates, family men, and men that you will meet in professional football.

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