Season Ending Press Conference Wishlist

For me, one of the most exciting press conferences of the year is the annual end of season press conference.  Of course, we remember last years’ fiasco where Doug Whaley repeated that he was not “privy” to why his head coach was fired two weeks earlier, and that he had no say in the matter nor a reaction when hearing that Rex Ryan was fired.  This led to severe backlash from the national media on how disorganized the Bills front office was.  Well, a lot can change in a year, huh?  At 1pm today, Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane will meet with the media in what I can guarantee will be a much more organized meeting than what we saw last year.  In the past we have had GM’s come out and directly say what they plan to do in the offseason (Buddy Nix drafting a QB) and sometimes we have GM’s and coaches give their plans for the offseason and then quit 48 hours later (Marrone).  While I don’t expect the measured pair of “McBeane” to be as transparent as Nix, I do think they will give an honest assessment of their roster and what was accomplished this year.

Here is my wishlist, what I would like to see/hear today from McDermott and Beane.

  1. “I understand how critical the QB position is in this league.”  We have heard McDermott preach this since day 1.  While I highly doubt they will come out today and say they are moving on from Taylor, I do hope to hear the pair to reaffirm their belief that the QB play is essential to having sustained success in this league.  If we hear that, I think we can all read between the lines and conclude that the Bills are going to work hard to obtain a franchise quarterback.
  2. Fire OC Rick Dennison.  I would expect the cautious and thorough decision maker of Sean McDermott to take more time with the decision on retaining or firing members of his staff, but I am hopeful that we learn today that Dennison will not return next year.  The predictable and conservative play calling of Dennison did not inspire much confidence this year among Bills fans.  I always found it curious that Denver fans wanted him fired the year that they won the SuperBowl.  Well, I understand now.
  3. Fire ST Danny Crossman.  Crossman’s continued employment has baffled me.  I waited to hear Doug Marrone say that he fired Crossman, I waited to hear Rex Ryan say that he fired Danny Crossman, and today I will wait to hear Sean McDermott announce that he has fired Crossman.  He has survived two complete coaching staff purges and I honestly cannot understand why.  For the better part of the past five years, it seems that not a game has gone by without the Bills taking a block in the back penalty on a punt return.  Special team penalties hurt the Bills this past Sunday, as they were ousted from the playoffs.  Let’s hope that McDermott saw the struggles in the return game this year as well and is looking for a change.

That is what I hope to see today Bills fans.  What about you?  Leave some comments below of what you would like to see and hear from today’s 1pm press conference.

2 thoughts on “Season Ending Press Conference Wishlist

  1. I agree with this wish list.

    Maybe they will touch on draft needs too. I think the top three positions they need to address are QB, LB, OL. And not in that order. I hope they dont reach for a qb if the top guys are gone when they pick.

    Things are looking up for this franchise tho.


  2. Very well put. I couldn’t agree more with this assessment and wish list. These would definitely be addressing the issues the buffalo currently has and would be a path to better our team. Go Buffalo!


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