Playoffs?! You kiddin me? Playoffs?

We’re there Buffalo Fam. The seventeen year hiatus from the playoffs has finally came to an end. I decided to do an opinion piece just to express my jubilation for my Buffalo Bills. Check back later in the week for my post season preview.

How many Bills fans out there didn’t even mind going to work today after a three day weekend? I myself have been on cloud nine since the end of the Bengals game. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’ve now tweeted or retweeted something at least once a day related to Bills being in the playoffs. (Check it out @bblehar for yourself). Last time the Bills were in the playoffs I was 10 years old. Though I had watched the Bills before the Music City Forward Pass, that is the earliest memory I have on my team. I can remember where I was, what my emotions were and even some of the conversations I had with family before and after the game. As a ten year old child I had no idea I would be waiting until adulthood to see the Buffalo Bills back in the playoffs. It’s been so long since they’ve made an appearance it’s just been instilled in me that each year they’ll come up short and that’s just how it is. I always enjoyed being the optimistic Bills fan who would ironically say, “this is their year!!” Now that they’re finally there, and I’ve had a couple days to reflect. It’s CRAZY how long 17 years actually is. Especially in a league with so much parity.

A little background on me, I love sports. I’m a New York sports fan through and through. Yankees, Knicks and Bills are my teams. I might get a little flak from other Yankee fans here but this Buffalo playoff berth had me more emotional/happy than the Yankees winning the world series in 09 (or any other Yankee world series title in my lifetime). That’s how invested I am in this franchise. They’re my everything and if I had to lose all New York sports or just lose my Bills I’d say bye to the Yankees and the Knicks first.

I don’t want to make this post too long as it’s just one Bills fans’ opinion. I always like to sprinkle my commentary in posts alongside game previews and stats. This one is from a sheer opinion standpoint so I don’t want to drag on too long, but what’s next? Obviously Jacksonville and Doug Marrone. It’s a big one with a lot of interesting stories. We’re there though! Playoff bound! Some fan bases might poke fun at Bills fans for being so ecstatic about just GETTING to the playoffs. Hang your heads high though guys. You have every right to be through the roof and proud of this franchise. Bills stand a shot in this game. Jacksonville hasn’t looked great the past two weeks and Bills can hold their own with anyone under the right circumstances. Our wagons aren’t circled yet. This was a feel good moment for sure but at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is a championship. Is that too farfetched to wish for? A 9-7 team has won it all before.. Remember the 2011 New York Football Giants? Why cant the Bills?  Just gotta win four in a row… on the road… not too shabby right? Oh whatta rush that would be for these road warriors. Bills are in the playoffs guys! Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?

11 thoughts on “Playoffs?! You kiddin me? Playoffs?

  1. Like the Marv Levy quote to sum it all up. Pooping on Doug Marrone would be an added bonus to winning.

    Only problem with a win is, then we will probably have Tyrod back next year, throwing 3 yards on a 3rd and 8. Can’t go through another year of that

    Buffalo Bob

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Bob, we are in a tough spot. I still wouldn’t mind moving on from Tyrod. I feel terrible saying that considering he will go down in history as the QB that ended the drought.


  2. My second time signing off with a Levy quote. What can I say? The guy had some inspirational quotes and can really put the bow ontop of a blog post.


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