Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins: Matchup of the Week

Welcome back Buffalo Authority faithful! It’s week seventeen! Last week of the regular season. Sure last week’s Christmas Eve game was less than ideal for Bills fans but there is still hope! Buffalo needs a couple things to go their way and they can get their first playoff berth since the year nineteen hundred and ninety nine. (I wrote it out in script form for emphasis on how long ago that was). Brightside? They’re playing a familiar foe who they beat with relative ease just two short weeks ago. That game was at home where Bills won 24-16. This time, however, the Buffalo Bills travel down to Miami’s home turf and try to steal a victory on the road. Can they do it? Let’s take our talents down to South Beach and see what matchup is truly intriguing one last time in this regular season game between bitter rivals.

Jarvis Landry vs. Buffalo’s Secondary

This season has been quite pleasant for the Buffalo secondary. For the first time in a long time Bills fans haven’t had to watch each and every quarterback they matchup against go through them like a hot knife through butter. If we’re to take one thing away from this season it’s that our secondary is legit and it’s something to build around for this defense. I don’t have the stat in front of me nor do I know something like this is even kept track of, but, I would be willing to bet that half or close to half of the Bills sacks this year are courtesy of tight coverage in the secondary, forcing the QB to hold onto the ball longer than he should. Bills pass rush is almost non existent these days but because of these “coverage” sacks, Bills defense has 26 sacks. (HALF of those have to be coverage sacks, right???) Anyway, I digress, this isn’t just a blog post on shilling how great the Bills secondary is. Last time these two teams met Jarvis Landry was able to catch ten balls for 99 yards. 9.9 yards a catch isn’t going to wow anyone but getting close to ten yards a catch is a good day at the office because as we all know, gaining ten yards at a time is moving the chains. Maybe Landry has this secondary figured out? He is a very talented receiver who, on a contract year, some could argue is having a career year. He has 103 catches for 895 yards. Again, these numbers aren’t jaw dropping but with what his quarterback situation has been, I’d say he is a great receiver and has made due with his unfortunate circumstances. This week he wont have to worry about the negative degree weather of Buffalo. This Sunday it is supposed to be 75 and sunny in Miami. Is Jarvis Landry due for an even bigger game? More importantly; Why in all that is holy do I still live in upstate New York?! It was negative ten this morning… Sheesh! Anyway, Bills need to do a better job accounting for Landry. What was 10 catches for 99 yards in Buffalo could easily be 10 catches for 129 and two touchdowns in Miami.

What do you think? Are there other matchups that need to be noted? How about Kenyon Drake rushing for 4.9 a carry last time. Or how about the fact that Gun-slingin Jay was a turnover machine last time, throwing for 3 picks. Also, what are your thoughts on the Bills playoff chances? Does this game even matter or are the cards not gonna fall their way regardless? Comment below, follow me on twitter @bblehar and let’s discuss. I’m optimistic that IF the Bills win, they’re playoff bound. The other teams will crumble under pressure, not my Bills though, because when it’s too tough for them, it’s just right for us. Thanks guys. Go Bengals, go Jaguars, go Raiders but of course, most importantly Go Bills.

One thought on “Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins: Matchup of the Week

  1. Another matchup could be tyrod vs miami secondary. This could be his last game as part of the bills… he will want to put on a good show


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