Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins: Keys to the Game

Buffalo is about to play one of the most important games of their last 17 years. This game is make or break for the Buffalo Bills, and if they can get a win, plus a little help, they will end the 17 year playoff drought. The team standing in their way? The Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins, who stand at 6 and 9, will be looking to knock the Buffalo Bills to 8-8, which will kill their last gasp at any playoff shot. Squishing the fish down south is never an easy feat, so here’s what Buffalo needs to do to come out with a victory.

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Get Fired Up:

Buffalo can’t fall flat at any point in this game. This is one of the most meaningful games this Bills team has played in a number of years. If this team looks uninspired, bored, or struggles with the easy things, this team doesn’t even deserve the playoffs. Kyle Williams, Eric Wood, Shady, and Tyrod are all guys this team will look to to lead the way, and it starts with the leaders. Bills fans travel well, so take the Miami fans out of it, and get the southern Bills fans into it!

Air it out, Tyrod:

Tyrod has stellar #’s against Miami, totalling 10 TD’s and 0 INT’s against the division rival. He always looks his best against Miami, and he will need to play his best again to give this team a shot. Dennison should let Tyrod have his way, run, pass, etc. all day vs the Dolphins. Tyrod is one of the best against Miami, and he should be given every opportunity, especially since this may be his last game in a Bills uniform.

Don’t let Miami sneak up:

Miami has nothing to lose on Sunday, but they could very well try to gain some payback and knock Buffalo out of playoff contention for the 18th straight year. With Cutler at QB, I’m sure he doesn’t really have much of a care anymore, but Kenyan Drake and company will still try and give the Bills some fits. Buffalo has got to capitalize on every opportunity and cannot let Miami hang around or sneak a W out at the end of the day. In my eyes, that would be a ridiculous lack of discipline and execution and my blame would go on the coaches.

This is a huge game, and despite there being a few other outcomes (Raven’s loss) that need to occur to get the Bills in, they’ve got to do their own job in this game on Sunday. Buffalo’s playoff hopes are still very much alive, and the season is still kicking for the Bills. They CANNOT let this one slip away. Thanks for reading, and as always, let’s go Buffalo!

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