Bills @ Patriots: Matchup of the Week

It’s week 16 here in the NFL, and the Buffalo Bills are right in the heat of things at 8-6. I don’t think there was 1 person in August who REALISTICALLY thought that the Buffalo Bills would be standing at 8-6 with a burning playoff flame still alive for them. Nonetheless, that’s exactly where they are, but the Patriots are the next obstacle that stands in their way. Every Bills @ Pats game has a certain tone, feeling, and outcome, and it could be more of the same this weekend. The Patriots are coming off of a huge, controversial (as per usual) victory vs. the Steelers but Brady still has shown signs of his age, especially in the game vs. Miami the week prior. Brady aside, there’s one key matchup that cannot be ignored this week.

Image result for bills vs patriots gronk and white

Rob Gronkowski Vs. Bills Defense:

The reason I’ve selected the Bills defense as opposed to just 1 or 2 players is because you never know which defensive combination a team will use to try and shut down the freak-of-nature TE. Of course, this matchup is mainly highlighted after the heat that erupted at the end of the last game these 2 clubs played back in Orchard Park. Tre’ White did not take kindly to the cheap shot Gronk laid on him, stating “the whole hood want ’em,” and he certainly expressed his dismay while stating that he had a son to raise and that there was no place in the game for a hit like that. Tre’ White has had a “Primetime”-like attitude since arriving here in Buffalo. He’s a firey competitor, and the defense as a whole has some character’s with some attitude. Typically, after a heated altercation like this, Bills teams of the past would just not do much of anything. I think this team is different. I think they will certainly be chippy right from the getgo, and give Gronkowski, as well as other Patriots, trouble. Tre White, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, etc. will all be assigned to Gronk at 1 point or another this week. It will be interesting to see how the referees will play this game, and if they will be calling a lot of penalties if the Bill’s defense gives Gronk troubles. Let’s not let the chippiness distract us from the fact Gronk, again, tore up the Bills defense for nearly 100 yards last game. Gronk is impossible to stop, but any attempt at containment would be much needed. I expect Buffalo to play a big game on Sunday, and no matter the outcome, they will compete and stick around until the end. Thanks for reading, and as always, Let’s Go Buffalo!

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