Colts vs. Bills: Players to Watch

Happy week 14 all! Hope your weeks are going by relatively fast and you’re ready for another week of NFL football: The Buffalo Bills edition! What team will we get this week? Will the offense put up 28 points or 3 points? Will it be Tyrod lead or Nathan Peterman lead? Seriously though, any given Sunday, right? Obviously the Bills playoff chances are still within reach. A lot of pessimistic fans out there saying the Bills are going to be on the outside looking in after that rough Patriots loss last week. I’m here to say, we all knew they were going to lose anyway right? And barring a Christmas miracle Bills will march into Foxboro and lose that one easily as well. It is what it is.. Last weeks’ loss means nothing to this fan. While you have all been mourning; “Another year of the playoff drought continues,” I’ve been eyeballing the other final games. Colts and a pair of Dolphins games. All games that could go in the Bills favor and if I were a betting man would say they will go in the Bills favor. If all this happens Bills are at a nice 9-7 record which should be good enough to get them into the playoffs. The AFC is weak this year, it really isn’t that far fetched! Until they lose to the Colts, or either of the Phins’ games, this season is far from over. We can lose 120-6 against the Patriots in Week 16 so long as we beat Miami 3-2 in Week 17. I think 9-7 is a realistic goal to shoot for. If it’s not good enough to make playoffs? Oh well, it’s our first winning record since our boy Doug Marrone walked out on the team and something for Coach McDermott to build on for next year. How do we start this playoff push? By beating the Colts of course! Who is going to lead this team to victory? Well fans, that’s why I’m here. So gather ’round, we have some players to ‘watch’

Charles Clay

I was tempted to go Tyrod here because I think he gets the start but if for some reason he can’t go this would be a waste of your reading time and my finger movement as I type. I already feel I’ve wasted both with these two sentences. Moving on… Jordan Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin, LeSean McCoy, Charles Clay. What do all these guys have in common? They’ve all been plagued with injuries since joining Buffalo. Aside from McCoy, the other three have been in and out this whole season. Go back further and Sammy Watkins and Percy Harvin struggled with the injury bug there too. Is there something in the Buffalo water? Unfortunately for our guy we’re watching this week, Clay, he’s probably gone after this year. His Buffalo career has been riddled with injuries and he’s just making far too much money. Luckily for Charles, he has four more games to try to earn a contract elsewhere. Currently, Clay leads the team in receiving yards even with being out for an extended amount of time. Sure, it’s only 378 yards, but it’s something to build off of. He’s a big target with sure hands. With Jordan Matthews out for the year, and Kelvin Benjamin day-to-day, it makes Charles Clay a must go-to receiver. If Clay is gone at the end of the year, hopefully he’s gone leaving a mark. Make December his greatest month as a Bill.

Jacoby Brissett

Buffalo fans are familiar with this guy. It was Jacoby who started against the Buffalo Bills in Foxboro and lost. Giving the Bills their only win at Gillette Stadium, ever! Brissett ended up getting shut out in a 16-0 loss against Buffalo in a game where he was sacked three times and threw for 205 yards. This year Brissett is 3-9 as a starter for the Colts. He is an athletic QB who also has the mobility factor much like Tyrod. He may be talented but his team is pretty lousy and he isnt the quarterback Tyrod can be. Bills playing Brissett at this point in the season is a gift from the football gods. Goes without saying; Bills cannot lose a game to this team. Protect your home dirt.

That’s all I have this week Buffalo Authority Faithful. Your optimism should be high for this one. If you’re betting on games this weekend, bet on this one. It’s my “lock of the week” (I seriously do not have any sort of ‘locks of the week’ or anything like that.. but if I did.. this would be it). Win this one, win next week, lose week 16, win week 17. Sounds pretty easy to me. 9-7 here we come! Go Bills.



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