Week 13 New England vs. Buffalo: Bold Predictions

Apathy seems to be the only word I can think of to describe how Bills fans feel about this matchup with the Patriots this weekend. They are bracing themselves to be slaughtered at the hands of Darth Vader impersonator, Tom Brady, as well as Senator Palpatine himself, Bill Belicheck. We dont know what defense will show up, so we’re ready for a close game, or to have a 50 spot put up on us like few weeks ago in LA. But if the light shines down upon New Era Field today blesses our boys in red, white and blue, these are a few wild things that could happen.

Bills Defense Holds Brady Under 300 Yds

This one is definitely bold considering how the Buffalo has performed against passing atttacks such as Carr, Winston, even Andy Dalton earler in the season. But I think last week when they didn’t play a single snap in base and stayed in nickel and made the Alex Smith led KC offense anemic for the whole first half of the game, I think that’s a quality blueprint for how to play against Brady. It’s unlikely you will hit him before the ball is out of his hands, so just throw another corner in the mix and see if we can clog up his throwing lanes.

Deonte Thompson Has Over 100yds Receiving 

This one is possible thanks to the rapport he has built with Taylor over the years, as well as how he torched Tampa Bay earlier this season. I think he could be in for a good day at the office if the Bills are able to get McCoy going early.

Stephon Gilmore Looks like a Piece of Toast Twice

Yes, we all know how the media heads have been talking about how the key to New England’ defensive turnaround the second half of the season is due to better communication and Gilmore playing better. But Gilmore, in his old stadium, trying to continue to stick it to Bills fans that his friends get to watch him on national tv now, he gets too caught up in his own head, and gives up a long catch to Deonte Thompson, and gets clowned by Zay Jones at leat once today.

The Bills Get the Win and Continue to #TrustTheProcess

This is the most unlikely of all, but stranger things have happened, like when the beige impala crushed the Pats on national tv in week 1. If the Bills can clog up passing lanes, as well as confuse the New England offense (two things that are tall tasks in their own right), as well as getting Shady going on the ground, Buffalo has a solid chance at sneaking out a win, which I think comes by way of a late 55 yard #HauschMoney field goal.

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