Bills vs. Chiefs: W2W4

As the Bills try to get off the L train in what is sure to be a raucous atmosphere in Kansas City and try to keep their fading playoff hopes alive, let’s take a look at a few things you should take a look at while you watch this pivotal week 12 matchup.

How Does Tyrod Respond After His Benching:

I’m sure every one is wondering how the Bills signal caller of the past 3 seasons responds to having the rug pulled out from under him last week when he was benched for 5th round rookie Nathan Peterman. Unfortunately for the rookie, he bombed his audition to take the starting gig, and only 2 quarters and 5 interceptions later, Taylor was back at the helm. So it certainly bears watching to see if it’s same old check down Tyrod or if he, to quote our old friend EJ, “Lets it rip.” However, it could be an extremely tough go, as receivers Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews and Deonte Thompson are all listed as questionable for this upcoming tilt.

Can the Bills Defense Get Back on Track?

Good god, what is there to say about the Bills Defense the past 3 weeks? Fallen off a cliff? Bleeding points? Man it’s been brutal. Giving up point totals of 34, 47, and 54 in consecutive weeks isn’t good look, and neither would be giving up that kind of point total to a team that only put up 6 points against a 2-9 NY Giants squad that looks like it’s given up on 2017 and is looking towards the draft. If the defense lays another egg against a team that has 1-4 in their last 5 games, it may be curtains for any ideas of playoffs for the 2017 Buffalo Bills.

Can the Offensive Line Remember How to Block?

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I’ve seen an offensive line play as badly as I did when I watched the 1st half of that Chargers game. There’s been conspiracy theories that the o line didn’t want to block for Peterman because they wanted Tyrod, and there was even an NFL Mic’d Up clip of Joey Bosa saying that Jordan Mills didn’t even try to stop him. Yeesh. Regardless if there was collusion against Peterman or not, the oline needs to clean it up, otherwise Tyrod may have to actually run for his life more than he usually does.

Can the Defense Create a Pass Rush?

Man, watching this defensive line has been like watching a sad movie. Kyle Williams looks old and it seems like regular maintenance and an oil change isn’t gonna save his regularly high motor style of play. Shaq Lawson hasn’ nearly played up to his draft status as a 1st rounder after saying he was far more comfy playing 4-3 end instead of OLB in Ryan’s 3-4. Jerry Hughes has pulled Houdini disappeared as of late, and the other tackle spot is a revolving door with whoever is McDermotts process flavor of the week. The Bills secondary can only cover for so long, and if this front 4/7 can’t get pressure on the beige impala this Sunday, we could be in for a repeat of the last 3 weeks.

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