Opinion: Taylor benched at the worst time

This morning in a Press Conference, Head Coach Sean McDermott announced that QB Nate Peterman will start on Sunday at Chargers.

The Bills currently sits in the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC. With the quarterback change, every anti-Peterman or anti-Taylor needs to be optimistic with this decision.

At first, I was confused after McDermott made it clear on Sunday night and again Monday that Tyrod Taylor was our starting QB. But that really shows that Sean has the courage and he is not afraid of risking it all.

McDermott said ““As a decision maker you have to be able to, or willing to, take calculated risk to get to where we’re trying to go. I’m comfortable doing that,” he said. “That’s my responsibility.”

Coach McDermott said that was clearly his decision, with no help from the staff. But I disagree.

Taylor is a good player, but lacks consistency. I am eager to see what Peterman can show on Sunday.

I feel this decision was make at the wrong time. I would not blame Taylor for last weeks loss, I blame the entire team. It is a team game. Now at Week 11, each and every game is crucial for playoff hopes.

Just a reminder: Taylor has a 1.54 career INT pct., which is the LOWEST in NFL HISTORY among quarterbacks with 1,000+ attempts. Also, Taylor is 1 of 4 quarterbacks with 10+ passing TD’s and 3 or fewer INTs this season.

After the game last week, guard Richie Incognito let him know “not to f**k this up”. I’m guessing that is what every player will say to the rookie.

I will say I feel optimistic for the future.




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