AFC Playoff Picture: Week 10

Admittedly, it was hard to sit down and write this post.  The loss to the Jets was a hard pill to swallow considering the position the Bills would have put themselves in with a win.  The Bills are still clinging to the final AFC playoff spot, but it already feels like the season is starting to slip away.  A loss this Sunday to the Saints and the snowball will be rolling down the hill fast, given the schedule over the next month for the Bills.  I would call this game a must-win, not only for the playoffs but also for the psyche of the fans.

Here’s a look at where things currently stand in the AFC:


Photo Credit: ESPN

A lot of new looks in the top 6 this year thanks to Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Buffalo.  The Bills don’t have to worry about the Dolphins, Ravens, and Raiders in the immediate future considering they are in striking distance.  We may come back to them down the line.  A win this week would put the Bills at 6-3, and historically 72% of teams that start with that record make the playoffs.  On the flip side, 47% of teams that start 5-4 make the postseason.  It seems that every game has serious impacts on the Bills’ playoff chances, and that is because….they do.

Here are important Week 10 games:

New Orleans @ Buffalo
Technically…if the Bills HAD to lose one of the next two games, this is the one to lose.  They need the AFC conference win against the Chargers next week.  That being said, the Bills’ mindset is to take both games, they need to start another winning streak now.

Cincinnati @ Tennessee
The Bengals are not making the playoffs, and even though the Bills lost to them head-to-head, I wouldn’t worry about them.  The Titans though, will have a strong look at the AFC South title or a wild card position.  The goal is clear: the Titans and Jaguars need to lose as much as possible.

LA Chargers @ Jacksonville
Root for the Chargers here.  The Bills will get a chance to put the final nail in the Chargers’ playoff hopes next week, but in the meantime any loss for the Jaguars would be good news for the Bills.

New England @ Denver
It won’t matter much for the wild card, but for those fans still dreaming of taking down the Patriots in the AFC East, a Bills win combined with a Patriots loss would result in a tie atop the AFC East.

Miami @ Carolina
This is a big one for the Bills’ playoff chances.  Everyone should be rooting for Carolina here, continuing to keep the Dolphins behind the Bills and hopefully out of contention by the time the Bills play them in late December.

Hopefully the results play out the way outlined above.  Until next week….Go Bills!

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