It’s hard being a Bills fan

If anyone ever asks what it’s like to be a Bills fan, have them watch the game from last night.  Hope crushed.  It’s not that this team is bad or that I don’t think they still have a really good chance to end the dreaded playoff drought.  But when you have a chance to be on national television, move into a tie for first place in the entire conference, and you play a horrible game like that one, it crushes your hopes.

To me it wasn’t the missed tackles, all the penalties, the ultra-conservative offense, or the total lack of run game and the inability to stop it.  It wasn’t just a bad game on 4 days of rest.  It was the lack of team enthusiasm.  What happened to the team that celebrated a Brandon Tate first down catch like they won the Super Bowl? It was the feeling that this teams isn’t very good.  Maybe the 5-3 record is largely a product of fortuitous turnovers, home field advantage and some opponents that aren’t very good.

Then I see Zay Jones and his 6 catches on 7 targets, getting his first career TD reception.  I see Kelvin Benjamin on the sideline getting ready to become a part of this team.  I see Sean McDermott’s intense look as he scolds penalized players and argues with the refs.  I see a team on the rise.  I see a team arriving a year before they were supposed to.  I see a city desperately wanting a winning team, desperately needed a winning team.  I start to get excited again.

I see that in nine days a very good New Orleans team is coming to Buffalo.  I see that the Bills are 4-0 at home.  I see that they have the longest streak of scoring 20+ points at home in the NFL.  That’s better than the Packers, the Falcons, the Seahawks, the Chiefs, the Eagles and that team from New England.  I see my Zubaz pants neatly folded in my closet.  I see my stack of Buffalo t-shirts there too.  I see my friends gathering around the TV cheering like little kids at each completed pass and each defensive take-away.  I see some frosty adult beverages. I see some chicken wings.  I see the playoffs.  I see wins.  I see hope. And that my friends, is what it’s like to be a Buffalo Bills fan!  Let’s Go Buffalo!

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