Exclusive: Interview with Jets fan

There is little time for the Bills to enjoy their win against the Raiders, as the Jets game is right in front of them.  The Bills will have their hands full on Thursday night against a Jets team that looks much improved from their Week 1 loss against the Bills.  This will be the 3rd year in a row that the Bills will play the NY Jets on Thursday Night Football.  For this matchup, I had the opportunity to speak to New York Jets fan Fireman Matt and get his thoughts on the game and on the season in general.

Q: What are your overall thoughts on this matchup?

A: The last thing the struggling Jets want to do is lose another divisional game and go 0-2 against the Bills; a team that has seemed to haunt them in the past few years, which always leaves me wondering why.  It’s obvious the Jets have no hero for a quarterback, and its been that way for awhile.  This year is no different.  With many lost key 3rd down conversions and too many interceptions, Josh McCown is fitting into the Jets basket of useless quarterbacks just fine.  This year, lacking Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall, the Jets are struggling to get those lost minute points when it matters.  The defense is getting walked all over with good players like Muhammed Wilkerson just getting his first sack this past Sunday.  I’ll never understand how the Jets can almost always either beat the Patriots and other top playing teams, but fall to the Bills so easily.  Although they face some different problems, the Jets and Bills are pretty much the same story.  The only difference is this year the Bills have a chance if they keep it alive.  But you’re about to be in Jetlife Stadium, we’ll see what happens! #JetUp

Q: Do you feel like this is a must-win game for Jets to keep their playoff hopes alive, or do you think they already out of the playoff race?

A: I think the Jets playoff chances are already done.  Even if they won and got one game on the Bills they would still be behind and with the way they are playing this year, they aren’t going anywhere.

Q: Many so-called “experts” predicted that the Bills and Jets were going to be among the worst teams in the league.  Some even predicted the Jets would go 0-16.  Even though the Jets have struggled lately, both them and the Bills have exceeded expectations for this year.  Why do you think both teams are better than people thought?

A: I think that in the AFC East teams besides the Patriots always get thrown aside as losers because they aren’t on the same level as them, so analysts and announcers think they are a joke.  The Jets, Bills and Dolphins all want the chance to be number one and that’s why sometimes we get surprised by one of them really playing well.  This year the team playing well is Buffalo.  And that is simply because they have to in order to be taken seriously in this league and for their starved and depressed fans.

A great chat with a NY Jets fan to get the New York perspective on things.  It was refreshing to have a chat based in reality with a fan.  Most of the time fans put the blinders on with respect to their teams, but not today.  Thanks to Fireman Matt for taking the time to chat with me about this matchup.  As far as the Bills…I agree with Matt, we are starved for a winner.  Another win for the Bills on Thursday and a 6-2 record at the half way point would be just the sustenance we need!

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One thought on “Exclusive: Interview with Jets fan

  1. Great interview Fireman Matt.
    I believe the difference between the Patriots and the rest of the division comes down to quarterback.
    The Patriots have had their franchise quarterback(maybe the best in the league) for over a decade. The Bills, Jets, and Dolphins have spent the decade searching for one. All the high draft picks the Jets used through the years drafting quarterbacks, could have been used to draft high level starters in other positions. Sanchez, Smith, Petty, Hackenberg were all drafted in the first and second round. Think if one of those quarterbacks had worked out and they could have drafted lineman, backs, receivers, or linebackers with those other draft picks. I think Todd Bowles has done a great job coaching a team clearly having a deficiency in talent and keeping them competitive in all their games(with the exception of the Raiders game).


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