Bills vs. Jets: Keys To The Game

November is officially here, and with that, usually comes the annual Buffalo Bills’ struggles. This year, they will look to prove everyone wrong and continue their dominance in a Thursday night matchup against the New York Jets. It’s time, for once, for the Bills to get off to a hot start in the SECOND half of the season. They’ve got some work to do this week as the Jets offer a team that can be easily underestimated, but just as easily deceptive. The Jets are 3-5 but they’ve gotten some interesting QB play, as well as some key receivers making some solid plays. Here are the keys to a Buffalo Bills victory:Image result for bills vs jets

Continue Defensive Dominance:

This Bills defense has been strong all season. Despite giving up plenty of yards through the air, this defense has a work ethic like no other, as well as a certain aggression that isn’t seen in the NFL as much as some people would think. They’ve got grit, determination, as well as some extreme talent on the back end. There is never a play where this defense isn’t punching, clawing, and attacking the football from whoevers’ hands it is in. They’ve got 11 guys to the football at all times and can force a turnover like no other team. If they can come away with 3 turnovers or so, this squad will be in prime position to bring a W back to Orchard Park.

Don’t Take The Jets Lightly:

Buffalo will be operating off of a very short week, as are all teams when they come into a TNF matchup. In addition, their opponent is also, well…the Jets. The “process” is strong with this team, and you wouldn’t expect to see any slacking off from this Bills club, but past years still haunt the fans. Buffalo will need to fight off the fatigue, as well as the idea of writing off the Jets, and bring a full 60 minutes of football. Buffalo is the better team on paper, and they will need to prove it.

Tyrod Needs To Ball:

Tyrod Taylor has had his fair share of struggles in his career here, but this year seems different. He’s playing more poised, staying in the pocket and always trying to find a man open downfield. His play has improved since the Bengals game, but his struggles often come on the road. Tyrod doesn’t turn the ball over and we all know that, but it’s the plays and chances he doesn’t take that lead to offensive inability. In a key road matchup, in primetime, at a division rival, Tyrod will need to beat the pressure and come through with a big performance on the road.

This team isn’t like other teams in the way that I don’t believe they’ll have a monumental collapse like past teams. McDermott has this team playing great football and fully respecting the process. With that said, these keys will bring the team together and give Buffalo a wonderful chance to be 6-2 through the 1st half of the season. Thanks for reading, and as always, let’s go Buffalo!

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