Bills trade Dareus to Jacksonville

Yesterday evening, the Bills accepted a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. After long speculation on the future of Marcell Dareus, he is finally gone.

According to Brandon Beane, the Jaguars called for Dareus. Marcell re-unites with Doug Marrone in Jacksonville. His best season fell in 2014, when Marrone was head coach here in Buffalo.

The Bills in return received a sixth round pick in next years draft. They now hold 7 picks in the draft and 19 total in the 2018 and 2019 draft.

Adolphus Washington is the man to step in for Dareus. He played a good amount this season already. Whenever Marcell ‘stepped-out’ on a play and/or drive, Washington filled in.

This shows that McBeane doesn’t fool around. Fans pretty much realized that when they first took the job.

The Bills play the Raiders at New Era Field tomorrow at 1PM.


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