AFC Playoff Picture: Week 3

Two weeks ago, I said that if the Bills were going to win 1 of the 3 against the Panthers, Broncos and Falcons, then it should be the Broncos game.  Well, they took care of business with that and are sitting pretty right now in the AFC because of it.  This week, the Bills will try to grab an extra win against the Falcons.  Just three weeks into the season, Bills fans will like the look atop the AFC Playoff Picture.  Overall the Bills sit at #2 in the AFC, behind the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs.  While it is still too early to dive deeply into the top 6 playoff positions, here is a look at the important games in Week 4 that will have playoff implications for the Bills.

AFC East Standings:

1) Bills 2-1          (2-0 in AFC, 1-0 in division)
2) Patriots 2-1   (1-1 in AFC, 0-0 in division)
3) Dolphins 1-1 (1-1 in AFC, 0-1 in division)
4) Jets 1-2           (1-2 in AFC, 1-1 in division)

Important Week 4 games:

Buffalo @ Atlanta

This will be It will be a tough one for the Bills, but even a loss and a 2-2 start has them in good playoff position thanks to their 2-0 AFC Conference record and some winnable games ahead.

New Orleans @ Miami

Root for the Saints here.  I do not think the Dolphins are a legitimate threat this year, but every loss within the division is good news for the Bills.

Jacksonville @ NY Jets

As much as Bills fans will hate to do this, I would say root for the Jets here.  The Jets are not a playoff contender, and the Jaguars might be.  A loss for the Jaguars would put them at 2-2 with another AFC loss (which will be the tiebreaker between the Bills and Jags since they do not play head to head this year)

Carolina @ New England

Root for the Panthers in this one.  Another Patriots loss would put them at 2-2, and would be great news for those that think the division is in play.

Oakland @ Denver

Root for Denver in this one.  Obviously, the Bills have the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Broncos so they will have to beat the Bills outright when it comes to their final record.  The Bills still control their own destiny against the Raiders and I think it is best to keep the Raiders down in case the Bills lose against them, it doesn’t kill their shot.

Hopefully the results play out the way outlined above and the Bills will stay atop the AFC East for another week.  Go Bills!

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