S Poyer a surprise steal for the Bills

Since the Bills picked him in March, safety Jordan Poyer has been everything but unstoppable. In the past two games, Poyer has had a combined 14 tackles, an interception, and a sack. He has only had 3 interceptions in his career.

The Browns placed him on IR after suffering a lacerated kidney in Week 6. I believe he has not yet been able to show what he can do. That is why his a surprise steal. In the past two weeks, he has shown that.

Our safety position has been placed on the lower level, according to media. But I think Micah Hyde and Poyer make a great team. The Bills lack players in the safety position. Only having Poyer, Hyde, and Colt Anderson on the 53-man roster.

Our next match-up: the Denver Broncos. Who recently killed the Cowboys last week. The Broncos have a good team and i’ll leave that at that until our game preview comes out.

Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are known for going long. That is a wake cup call to Buffalo’s safety’s. As well as their running back group. C.J Anderson and recent pick-up Jamaal Charles are hard to stop. Especially when catching the ball.

The Safety position is crucial on a defense. The Bills have done a good job acquiring two solid guys to protect the back field.

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